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The End of Year Production will be on stage at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.  At the end of each year All About Dance produces 2 shows that all students perform in. The only exception is our Rhythm Works & Tuesday Morning Dancers will do the 6pm show Only and our Cirque Students will not perform in 2024.  Our aim is to provide students the opportunity to enjoy the fun of being a part of a professional level show rather than just an end of year dance concert.


Production Date             Saturday 7th December

                                    Saturday Matinee – 12pm

                                    Saturday Evening – 6pm



Tickets go on sale on Sunday 3rd of November via our Website and must be collected from the studio. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the studio and they will remain on sale up until the day of the shows. Tickets are not available directly through the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. Tickets are $42 online including booking fee and $40 when purchased directly at the studio (plus card fees if applicable). Infants under 2yrs that sit on your lap are free. Tickets are non-refundable and are allocated seating. Performing students do not require tickets.  


Due to safety laws no prams or other items as such are permitted in the auditorium.

Wheel chair seats are available on request, please ensure you advise us of this requirement prior to ticket sales day, as seats need to be removed from the theatre prior to the show.


30th November @ 9am till approx 3pm- Tech rehearsal (No costumes), Pre-Primary up are required - a detailed scheduled will be sent out that outlines individual class finish times.

The following classes are not required on the Saturday. Creative Tackers | Pre-Kindy Combo | Kindi Combo | Kindi - Yr 2 Hip Hop | Pre-Primary - Yr 2 Acro | Rhythm Works.

1st December @ 12pm till approx 5pm– Full Dress Rehearsal, ALL Students are required with the exception of Rhythm Works.

Please DO NOT arrive in costume.

These Rehearsals are held at AADC Studios. These are closed rehearsals, only Registered Backstage Volunteers will be permitted to stay at both rehearsals. 

For everyone’s safety the car park will be closed for both of these rehearsals as a large marquee will be hired as will porta-loo’s for everyone’s comfort.



Please ensure you pack some snacks and lunch as we will be stopping for a small break on both days. (NO NUTS / PEANUT BUTTER). Please ensure you pack plenty of water to ensure no one dehydrates.






A staggered arrival time schedule will be issued in term 4 outlining the times you need to arrive at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. Once this is issued please take careful note of the arrival times as students will not be permitted back stage early. Please make every effort not to be late as this then increases the number of students being signed in at once. Please ensure students arrive in Uniform not costume.



It is IMPERATIVE that only 1 parent/guardian lines up to sign in or collect students from the sign in area. To ensure the safety of all students, once a student is signed in they will not be allowed to leave the backstage area until the end of the first Performance. On sign in you (the parent/guardian) will need to provide a contact phone number in case of emergency. If you are in the audience for that specific show this will need to be noted. Parents will not be permitted past the sign in desk unless you are a registered back stage volunteer.




Between the Matinee and Evening performance ALL students must be collected from the designated sign in areas. Again, parents will be unable to go backstage to collect students, they will be brought out by the Volunteers as a group to the Sign In Desks to be collected. All costumes etc will remain backstage between the shows, however no one will be permitted to stay backstage between performances. Again, please ensure that students arrive in their uniform so they have something to wear between performances.




Once an entire group of dancers is ready to be collected they will be brought out to the appropriate sign in desk as a group. This may take a little longer than the Matinee collection as all performing students will receive their memento at the conclusion of the Evening Show.

As keen as you will all be to see your children it is important to remember that only 1 parent/guardian can come to the sign in area for collection. Also keep in mind that over 500 people will be attempting to exit the back stage area. The volunteers will be franticly trying to collect all your children’s belongings which is no easy task.


Please remain patient and refrain from venting any frustration at the volunteers on the sign in desk. Everyone will be doing their best to get your children to you as quickly and safely as possible.

Rhythm Works and Tuesday morning classes will receive a separate email regarding Arrival & Collection. 

HAIR & MAKEUP           


Students must arrive at the Theatre with their hair and Makeup done as the back stage volunteers will not have time to coordinate this. Unless you have been advised otherwise the following hair styles relate to the following groups:


Kindi to Year 4: 2 Braids, ends tucked in & pinned to head

(if viewing on a mobile please scroll to the bottom for pics)


Year 5 and Up Parted in the middle into a low Ballet bun. Unless advised otherwise.


Girls Make up – Base should be 1 shade darker than skin colour, brown eye shadow (NO PINK), black or brown mascara (no eye ticks) Pink/brown light blush & red lips. False eye lashes – Year 8 and up.

Boy Make up (13+) - Base should be 1 shade darker than skin colour, brown lips and blush (bronzer). Eye liner is to be from the centre of the eye to the outside - bottom ONLY.

Hip Hop Boys do not require makeup.  All Boys should have neat clean hair & older boys need to be clean shaven.




You guys are one of the most important components of the entire days success. Without you we would never get the kids on stage. You will be notified separately about your requirements. 




As much as we hope for a problem free show sometimes things do happen. Should for any reason we require a parent from the audience an announcement will be made over the PA and you will be asked to come back stage. Please find your nearest usher and they will direct you. You will not be able to gain access to back stage via the stage itself.  




Copyright laws prevent you from taking photos & video during the performance. The school pays for a license to allow us to have 1 authorised photographer and Videographer. Should you take your own photos or video fines are enforced by the theatre as again this is LAW not our own rules.

Questions or Concerns please come and see us at the desk.

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