We Are Going Paperless!


Enrolling at AADC is now done online from the comfort of your own couch.

Once you have created your personal Online Portal you will have full access to all your details, including invoices, payments, class details and more. Once you have completed your class selection we will receive a notification allowing us to approve your classes. If you select the wrong class DON'T PANIC, we will sort it and you will receive a revised class schedule in your Portal.

When you log in for the first time you will need to have access to your email as a verification code will be emailed to you during the initial set up. 

Enter your details first as the parent / guardian, then you can move onto entering your dancer(s) details.


Once you and your dancer(s) are entered into the portal its time for the fun bit, Pick your classes. (It may help to have our Timetable open on our website to ensure you select the correct class and age group.) This is done via the "Add Enrollments" tab on your portal.

When you are done selecting classes its time to Checkout, the only fee you will be charged at this time is your Student Registration fee of $35 per dancer. (please note credit card fee's do apply)

Once we have confirmed your enrollment at the studio your invoice will be emailed to you, it will also be available to view on your Online Portal. 


For best user experience please create your portal on a PC, if you are setting up your Portal via your phone you will need the following Company Code: M6N8EBM9