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We Are Paperless.


Enrolling at AADC is done online from the comfort of your own couch.

Once you have created your personal Online Portal you will have full access to all your details, including invoices, payments, class details and more. Once you have completed your class selection we will receive a notification allowing us to approve your classes. If you select the wrong class DON'T PANIC, we will sort it and you will receive a revised class schedule in your Portal.

Click on the "LETS DO THIS" button below to set up your customer portal (If you are using the app you will need the business code M6N8EBM9)


When you log in for the first time you will need to have access to your email as a verification code will be emailed to you during the initial set up. 

Enter your details first as the parent / guardian, we will send you a confirmation email once it has been approved and you will be able to move on to the below.


- Open your Portal - ensure your personal details are up to date in particular phone numbers.

- If you are enrolling for the first time this is where you will now enter your dancers details. 


- Select - Classes

- Add Enrolments

- Select - Student and click on the name of your child

- Apply Filter - Click “STANDARDS” and select your Dancers 2024 School Level for a full list of classes for their age group. This will help to just filter the classes you need for your dancers specific age.


Super Important, If you are completing your enrolment prior to the commencement of Term you will need to change the date range to week 1 or 2 of term 2. This is not required once the term commences.

- Add your classes to your Cart

If you have multiple children repeat the above process.

- Check Out to pay your Registration Fee and finalise your enrolment. Your enrolment will not save until you pay your Registration Fee/s by checking out.

Please note: If you miss a class after you have paid your Registration Fee please contact us to do it directly or you will be charged an additional Registration Fee.

Once we receive your enrollment our Admin team will approve the class selection and you will receive your term invoice. 


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